Monday, May 28, 2012

SBI GK Question

1.Earth summit 2012 will be held in _______Rio Da Jenerio
2.Aids day¬____1 Dec
3.Chief justice of india___S H Kapadia
4.Ranbir Kapoor won best actor for film ____Rockstar
5.Russia which is now presently a member will be formally accepted in which group in 2012__WTO
6.Pzez Pratibha Patil term will end in ____1 July
7.What does ‘D’ stand for in SDR__Drawing
8.Which agency regulate share market in India__SEBI
9.Which agency proposed teaching of financial Education in school___?
10.WAsim Jafffer is associated with which sport__Cricket
12.Against which country violation of human rights of Tamil Civilians__Sri Lanka
13.French Prez__None of these
14.Who was guest of honour in 63rd republic day__Yingluck Shinawatra
15.opec summit 2011__Vienna
16.Arjun award is related to ___Sports.
17.Scheme related to Financial Inclusion___Swabhiman
18.Railway minister prior to Mukul Roy___Dinesh Trivedi
18.Wasim Jaffer related to___Cricket
19. Term realed to football___Penalty
20 Trophy related to cricket___Ranji Trophy
21.Book Written By Kiran Desai__ Inheritance Loss
22.GDP divided by National income is equal to___Per Capita Income
23. Earthquake measuring instrument__Siesmometer
24.Noble prize winner___ Tawakul karman
25. Kamla Persad Bissessar is__PM of _Trinidad & Tobago
26. Term related to Economics___Arbitrage
27…India is declared free from which disease___ Polio
28. Bussiness correspondent is releted to__Financial inclusion…
29. Rafael fighter jets are ordered by which country-india
30. country- capital (choose wrong one) Italy_Milan (Correct is Rome)
31. PM Manmohan Singh represented which summit in Russia__India-Russia Summit
32. Gavaskar-Border trophy is releted with India and which country__Australia
33. Nuclear Treaty pact founder country__(?)
34.Padma Bhusan Awardee___ Homi K. Bhaba
35. Correct statement about Union Budget 2012-13___Increasing Tax limit Marginally
36. Which is not an work of RBI _ To provide loan to state govt. and Manage cash to State Govt.
37. A question were on Intergovernmental Fiscal Treaty ? Options were: SAARC, BRICKS, Etc.
38. A question Related to Business correspondent Framework
39. Shooting Championship won by _ Abhinav Bindra
40. A question related to conference held in Belgium.

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