Monday, June 18, 2012

IBPS-2 1st Shift GK Question(17 June)

1.Which is smart money
credit card

2.for opening bank a/c which is not required
domicile certificate

3.ranbir kapoor best actor film-

4.female CEO of any bank

5.Guest of Honour in Pravasi bharat diwas:
kamala prasad biseesar.

6.Dhaka book fair releases
Taslima’s Nirbasan

7.NERPA is a

8.WhY inDIA voted against SRi Lanka?
Ans: Human Right Violation.

9.Banking Ombudsman scheme is applicable to:
All PSU, RRB, COoperatives

10.If not satisfied with Banking Ombudsman, a person can appeal to:
Deputy Gov of RBI

11.Who won Australian open doubles:
Leander Paes

12.india australia test match captain of aussie’s-
michael clark

13.which indian player won australian open 2012 ? –
leander pase

14.Author OF Nirbhasam:
Taslima Nasreen.

15.WHY Italian ships were captured:
It killed 2 indians.

16.which State is started panch marmeswar yojana?
madhya pradesh

17.In which of the following rbi not regulate?
ans-fiscal polcy

18.morio miranda obtaiwhat prize?
ans-padam vibhusan prize

19.which organisation take desition to reduse our budget?
ans-europian union (by my view)

20.Fund to fight Naxalism sanctioned by
Home ministry.

21.Not money market instru:
equity shares

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